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JABLUR is a self-titled musical style coined by Empress Nyiringango. It stands for a combination of  jazz, blues, and Rwandan music. This distinctive fusion features Rwanda’s oldest instrument “Inanga" (Zither) and contemporary music sounds. You can hear this distinctive style on her EP ISOKO, and her album UBUNTU, released on October 29th, 2022.

The JABLUR sound in ‘UBUNTU’ album is a universal story with an amazing feel of players in different places combining elements of jazz, blues, and culturally immortalizing ancestral Rwandan sound of Inanga. There’s an enthralling tone within all the instruments - Rwandan zither, saxophone, bass guitar, cello, piano, kora, etc. None of the musicians ever played together before, yet the music sounds incredibly harmonious. 


"Aron Niyitunga's musicianship is remarkable and can be deemed as a world-class music director and producer.”

UBUNTU album is composed of 12 tracks that showcase a fusion of Rwandan and contemporary music. The new songs are inspired by real-life events such as hardships, child abuse, resilience, love, faith, and mother wisdom from a cultural standpoint. And while each song varies in tone, they all are originals and bring a captivating and vibrant resonance to the album. 

Some of the music Collaborators on the JABLUR project :

  • Aron Niyitunga: Guitar, Electric Keys, and Canadian music director-producer

  • Nduduzo Makhathini: well acclaimed South African jazz pianist and scholar

  • Ian Desouza: Canadian bass guitar player

  • Marcus Sali: Canadian wind instruments player (saxophone, oboe, flute, and more)

  • Kofi Ackah: Ghanaian/CANADIAN  percussionist (congas, cowbell, shakers, talking drum)

  • Tino Damba: Zimbabwean Drummer

  • Raphael Weinroth Browne: Canadian Cellist and composer

  • Bill Ruzima: Rwandan vocalist

  • Patient Akayezu: Rwandan zither player (Inanga)

  • Makembe: Makembe: creative entrepreneur of Rwandan sounds (Ikembe)

  • Benoit Rwivanga aka "Kipeti" (Rwandan artist and music director)

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