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Empress Nyiringango is an Ottawa-based Rwandan Canadian awards nominee singer-songwriter with a message of faith, resilience, and healing. Saddened by the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, she embarked on an arduous healing musical journey. With it, she welcomes you to embark on a journey with her - a journey of healing from painful experiences of agony and isolation, and turning them into love, compassion, unity, and peace.

From ashes to glorious state! Peace, progress, and reconciliation exist in Rwanda today. Empress Nyiringango invites you to visit a vibrant and lively Rwanda through her music, and paints a welcoming portrait of the country by showcasing Imigongo art throughout her website.

Empress's philosophy as a Rwandan Canadian singer-songwriter is to embrace and celebrate Canadian diversity and to co-exist peacefully and respectfully in the healing journey of fellow immigrants who fled war and all forms of atrocities. Her music uplifts and raises awareness on the impact of cultural heritage.

Together, let's build a better Canada for all the peoples regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, language, and status. 

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